You walk on the street in the evening and one of you notices that a hermit safebuilder leaves home and forgets the door open. You can't resist the temptation to look around in the home of rich hermit.

You enter the room and look around. There are lots of safes in the room. Suddenly door closes behind you and won't budge anymore.

Looks like the only option is to find another exit. Since the house owner is safe fan, you can assume that key of back door is in one of many safes in the room.

Can you open the safe and find the key before the owner returns? You have 60 minutes.


Martin Põder

Safecracker escape room incorporates excellent technical solutions with great dynamics.

Stacey Grigsby-Goodwin

Great team building. We had a lot of fun!


Before the game

First, book a time for Your visit.
Also it's good idea to figure out team name that You would like to see in our hall of fame.
We will explain You the rules, answer the questions You may have and take You to the room. Door closes and game begins.

During the game

Purpose of the game is solve the puzzles to find the way out during 60 minutes.
Own tools and smartphones are not allowed, all necessary tools can be found in the room.
If You run out of ideas, then You can push a button to get hint. You have 3 hints.

After the game

After the game we are glad to answer all questions You may have.
You will be given escape report with timeline of Your progress during the game. You can later compare this to Your friends.
All escaped teams will be listed on hall of fame section of our home page.


What is escape room?

It's a game, where You need to solve puzzles to find the way out.

What is the price of the game?

One game costs 50 EUR per team, regardless of number of people in team.

How long does the game last?

The game lasts 60 minutes.

How many people can play?

Recommended size of the group is 2-6 people.

How to pay?

Onsite we accept cash and card payments.

Is the game suitable for kids?

Yes. There is nothing scary in the game.

What should we take along?

Just good mood. All necessary tools are in the room, own tools and phones are not allowed.

Where to park?

Parking around the building is for residents only. There are plenty of free parking sports on both sides of Rahu street.


Phone: +372 5683 8730


Escape room Safecracker is in Tartu, in the basement of Rahu 15. Entrance is on the back side of the building, near Rahu street.
GPS coordinates: N58° 21.438' 26° 43.395'


Parking around Rahu 15 building is allowed for residents only. Parking on the Rahu street is free.

Public transport

From downtown take bus no. 4 to Kabeli stop. Then walk same way that the bus went until You see Selver on Your right, then turn left and cross the street. You will see a long orange house in front of You. Walk past that building and turn left. You shoule now see our logo.


Best gift is experience!

What could be better gift than hour of brainteasing with friends!
Perfect gift is an escape room gift card, that gives 60-minute brainteasing experience for 2-6 people.
Gift card costs 50 € is valid for 1 year

Gift card is availabe on paper as well as electronically (as PDF-file, that You can print out yourself).
Purchase here


Select date and time to book
Price of one game is 50 EUR per team
Recommended group size is 2-6 people


19:30Chess room50 €
20:00Safe room50 €
21:30Chess room50 €
22:00Safe room50 €

Safecracker OÜRahu 15, Tartu
+372 5683 8730